AutoDentz Repair Information

We aim to repair your car bodywork to between 99 – 100% of its original state on dents ranging from the size of a 5p coin, right through to tennis ball size. Larger dents can also be repaired but can be more difficult to repair, so for all dent removals or repairs, here’s what we look at: 

  • Vehicle make and model: Each car has its own characteristics, including the type of metal used and model specific access issues. Removal of trim or headliners will be broken down for you and factored into the price 
  • Dent location and position: If the dent falls on a style line or body line, this can require more lengthy repair work 
  • Access issues: The dent could be behind our brace beams allowing little or only partial access. The dent may not even be accessible using our PDR toolbars 
  • Paint issues: Any unique or non-factory paints used on your vehicle could limit our options for tool selection  

We’re always open and transparent on all our costings and will give you a full breakdown, taking into consideration all of these factors.  

Whatever the size of ding or dent, we can assess the damage either in person or through any photos or videos you can supply. How we repair your dent will depend on a range of factors, but using our specialist tooling methods, we can fix dings and smaller dents of all sizes without sanding, filling, or painting. 

AutoDentz FAQs

Below we’ve added some of our most frequently asked questions to help you understand what we do, how we do it, and what actually happens in the paintless dent removal process. If we’ve missed anything or you have any other questions, ask us anything and we’ll give you our honest advice.

  • Can/will you pop out my dent?
    It’s rare that bodywork metal will ‘pop’ back into the exact place it was before. The dent usually leaves lows and highs around the impacted area. For the panel to be returned exactly as it was, we need to manipulate more of the metal than is immediately obvious to give you the best result.
  • My dent is on a body or style line – can you fix it?
    Yes, we can. We’re experienced technicians and have all the tools and know how to access awkward areas for dent removal. But the size and depth of the dents do have to be in the realms of what’s possible with paintless dent removal.
  • Will the dent come back?
    No. We use specialist tools and techniques to manipulate the bodywork to remove the dent completely or as much as possible. The only way it will come back is if the bodywork is dented again.
  • Can I go through my insurance company and ask for PDR?
    Yes – depending on your policy and the company you’re insured with. We’ve completed many repairs for insurance purposes and all our estimates can be emailed, with photos, direct to the assessor. Our IMI accreditation tells insurers we hold the required skill and experience to complete these repairs.
  • How long will my repair take? 
    We’ve repaired some dents in 5 minutes while others have taken up to 8 hours. Most small or minor repairs caused by car doors etc can be done in around 1 hour, but larger or more difficult dents can take longer. All the variables at the top of the page could affect the timescale and your quote.
  • What’s different about PDR compared to conventional body repairs?
    Using PDR for a repair keeps your factory paint finish original – we just rework the damaged area. If the paintwork is fully intact there’s no need for a repaint to the damaged panel (and usually the adjoining panel for a colour match).

    Conventional body repairs and repaints are justified techniques in the motor industry as impacted panels are sometimes in need of complete replacement. But the boundaries of what PDR can do are always being pushed and it’s very technician-specific. We work with a number of body shops and are happy to recommend one if we think your repair is better placed with them.